Microsoft Excel

This section of the site will show you how Microsoft Excel works and it will provide you with the knowledge to manage your own information.  Excel can be used to manage your personal budget, draw graphs, write reports, analyse large amounts of data to increase efficiency or as a way of storing information in a table.

Almost every company nowadays uses Excel to maximize their efficiency and to manage everything from their financial accounts through to reporting about the environment.  Excel is numerically focused and it enables 1 person to do the job of many.

I will regularly be posting information about Excel to help people understand how it works. Search “Microsoft Excel” in the blog posts for more information. 

When you first open a new Excel file you will get a blank document populated with lots of blank rectangles. Each rectangle is called a cell. The page should look like this:

Excel blank

If you single-click a cell then you select one of the cells which should look like the picture below.

Excel select

When you double-click into a cell you can then enter either text or numbers.  In order to create a formula you have to put an equals sign (=) followed by either text or numbers.  For example.

Excel equals

Dollar-signs ($) can be used to lock a cell that is being referenced in a formula either vertically, horizontally or both.

In the next post, I will be talking about the use of the dollar-sign and give examples of using it.